That’s me, Sue. I’m wearing a second-hand camo jumper....because that’s how us eco-warriors roll. This is a little snippet about me and my journey.

In January 2019, fuelled by frustration at the state of the planet (and the remnants of a bit too much New Year’s Eve vino) I made a big resolution - I was going to spend some time every single day for a year trying to make environmentally friendlier decisions. I wanted to take the time to look at our family life, and investigate ways that we could tread a little lighter on this earth of ours. My motivation was, and remains, the need to show my children that I am paying attention to what’s happening to our world. No more sticking my fingers in my ears, covering my eyes and hoping that the predictions of what their future could look like are over-inflated. They are not.

I decided to document my decisions along the way, for posterity and to hold myself accountable - I never really thought that anyone other than my mum would bother reading my daily posts. But as it turned out thousands of people from all over the world joined me on the journey and my new year’s day whim turned in to something I never expected.

I began focusing on really little changes, yet by the end of the year I was wielding protest placards, talking to my MP within the walls of Westminster, running my own waste reducing community project, speaking at events and more recently putting myself forward as a Green Party candidate. Moreover, with the tools available to measure it, I believe we have been able to halve our family’s carbon footprint in 12 months.

2019 is over, my mission accomplished, but I see now that this journey is just beginning. I have seen the power that sharing my decisions has had on both those I know personally and those I know virtually through my blog. I’ve learned that activism comes in many guises and this one is for me. I never preach, I don’t judge. I firmly believe that the change we need to secure a brighter future for our children will be born from good intentions, optimism and education. Those things led me here and they can lead others here too.

So through my blog and other work, I hope to continue to share what has worked for my family. Showing the changes we have made, why we have made them and the impact that has had. I try to be brutally honest, I’m partial to the odd rant and am just as happy talking about things that haven’t worked for us, or were just too much hassle! 

We are not perfect and we don’t need to be. Oh and I absolutely don’t believe I have all the answers, or that mine is the only way. I love hearing ideas from others through comments and messages, so please join in the conversation, just please be nice to one another!

(On one final note, I want to make it clear that I have no interest in personal financial gain from the work that I do - any money I earn will be donated to environmental charities. The most wonderful side effect of my mission has been in realising how much I already have, and how little I really need....and to be honest the pursuit of financial gain kind of feels like a big part of what got us into this mess!)